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  • Birds and Reptiles aka Heartstrings (Batman, Teen Titans, Justice League, pre-reboot)


  • The Curse of the Black Rose will be re-christened The Black Rose

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Birds and Reptiles: Arc the Second

Title: Birds and Reptiles (or of the Dragon and the Phoenix) - Arc the Second
Rating: PG13 to NC17
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne, Wally West, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson et al.
Pairings: Tim/Jason, established!Batflash (Bruce/Wally), future!Damian/Dick, TIm/OC (engagement only!!! no feelings involved...maybe friendship)

Arc the First

Lead (Jason)
Miss (Tim)
Changeling [reprised - take 2] Jason | Sheila Haywood
Crowbar Joker
Wake (Jason)
Late Bruce | Tim
Requiem (Tim)
Fiance(e) Tim | OC
Resolve (Tim)
Worthy Tim | Jason | Bruce
Wake (Jason)
Replaced (Jason)
Heat Jason | Talia - WARNING!  R rated for dub-con, character mistaking sex and lust for love, can be interpreted as sexual abuse, sexual deviancy, Stockholm Syndrome, character with delusions of grandeur, dialogue hints at future violence
Training (Jason)
Heat [reprised] Jason | Essence
Return (Jason)
Replay (Tim)
Identity Tim | Jason
Alone Tim | Jason
Guilt (Tim)
Impasse Tim | OC
Separation Tim | OC
Angel (Jason)
Demon (Tim)
Pride Tim | Jason
Realize (Jason)

Apologize Tim | Jason
Forgive Tim | Jason
Redemption (Jason)

Arc the Third


Late (Bruce) – 08/08/13 – 218 words
Too late, another Robin lost.
Another child.
My son.

I must continue.
The code.  I am Batman.
I cannot do this again.
I didn’t know how to survive through that loss, yet here I am today, remembering.  He was my son where Dick was my brother, friend and partner.  I had grown up with him, as much as I had helped him grow.  He is, has been and always would be dear to me, but cherished differently than my Jay.  I would have given him everything, if I could.  I couldn’t.
My Jay was a diamond in the rough.  I could have taught him so much – everything I had learned as I had learned with Dick.  But no more.  He was gone for so long.
He may have come home now, but he was no longer the same, neither was I.  We have both changed.  He was no longer the ragged child I had brought home.  I nearly could not recognize the bitter man he had become.  And I, was no better or worse.  We had both patched our wounds as best we could – alone.
He needs now to learn with a partner of his own choosing.  I believe Tim could be the one.  The boy had always loved him, called him his soul mate.


Late (Tim) – 07/22/12 edited 08/25/12, 09/11/12, 08/08/13 – 322 words
He was gone.  I knew from the moment that he was benched by the Batman that he would leave to find his origins.  He would never rest until he found the truth.  I did not have the resources to find out where he was going, but I knew enough to track his journey.  I had to follow him.  I knew he was impulsive and prone to running straight into danger.  I wanted to protect him more than anything, no matter how much he might hate me for coddling him.
I followed as best I could.  I took as much as I could without arousing the suspicions of my parents.  They would be on a trip for half a year.  As long as I was careful in covering my traces, they would never know I left the house, even Gotham.  Getting caught was inconsequential, as long as I was able to protect my beloved, to perhaps meet him wherever he went.  Never had I imagined I would be too late, and he would be taken from me.
I watched as the warehouse burst into flames.  Along with it, the one I loved, still love.  It was a bonfire celebrating the Joker’s victory, and the Batman’s loss.  My love was a casualty in the war between the Dark Knight and the Villainous Clown.  It was the first time I wished that my beloved Jason had nothing to do with the Batman.  I hadn’t known what it was like to lose a part of myself until that night.  I was sure I couldn’t live without him.  I was numb.  Empty.  There was nothing where my love used to flutter.  My beautiful bird, my Robin was dead, burned in the flames of hate.  Gone.
God, protect him, save him, even if it is beyond your divine power to bring him back to me.  I love him.  I’ve never prayed as much as I have now.  Amen.

Aug. 3rd, 2013

"Wanna be stronger Cause I’m a soldier
Give up? masaka Just try it harder
Wanna be stronger Cause I’m a soldier
Stand up one more time Just try it harder"
Afterschool "Miss Futuristic" 2012

Creepy music corner

HYORI - SWING ft. Leessang (sad!creepy)
JAEJOONG - MINE  (Is he the new Korean GACKT?  WTF?)
VIXX hyde

Untitled [I'll be there] P.1/?

“…i'll be there... be there
to protect you my baby

you're my queen in my heart 'n soul
i'm never letting you go
i'll be... there!

my life without you is no life
no one can replace all your
~ Taeyang. “I’ll be there (ENG vers.)” Solar. 2010. mp3
It’s a perfectly normal spring day.  The rose-scented breeze flitters into the mansion through the open windows.  The professor, as Charles is called now by his students (but always Charles by Hank and Alex, Sean), sits at his desk in his wheelchair in his office high in the mansion, marking student papers.

An ominous crack ripped the tranquility of the moment.

He turns to the window.

Already there is some of the faculty out the doors.  He is sure bright eyed children are pressed chubby cheeked and sticky fingered to the windows.

Collapsed on the grass were three people he never thought to cross the manor grounds and one person he thought would never come back.  They are in various states of injured.  His sister, Raven, no, Mystique now, severely distressed, screams for him in his mind:“Please, Charles!  You have to help us.  Erik…Erik is…”

Raven keels over.

He is out of his wheelchair and down the stairs before he can think.

During his checkups with their young doctor/researcher, Hank tells him his paralysis is somatic.  Of course he only postulates that it’s a stress response.  Charles, though, he has his own suspicions.  And, he never tells Hank that even when he is aroused, he no longer knots.
They keep them in the bunker.

It is a surprise when Charles enters to see that Azazel and Emma curled around Raven, no Mystique, while Janos paces the entire length of the underground room.

“Tell me.”

Emma and Azazel huddle closer to Raven, the only Alpha in their company.

He is surprised to hear how harsh his voice sounds.  It is the voice he never uses on others, his Alpha voice.  His telepathy already gives him an advantage over others, since it is more helpful than the other he lets that fade into the background.

He sighs pinching the bridge of his nose.

“We are not here to hurt you or your students, Charles!” growls Mystique.  “Erik…Charles, Shaw took Erik.”


“Shaw is alive, Alpha,” whispers Emma, pressing herself further behind Mystique.

Charles backs up, to placate the Omega.   Her diamond hard body does not only ward off other telepaths, but also protects her from implacable Alphas.  He’s only a little surprised that he can smell his sister on her.

His sister consents to his authority, more than it is his territory that she is submissive.  Or perhaps it is because they are injured and hope for sanctuary here.

“He took our mama,” whimpers Azazel.

Charles tilts his head to the side, uncomprehending.  Azazel like Emma has always struck him as either Beta or...  No self-respecting Alpha would do another’s dirty work, although there is a small fraction the margins deemed perverted by society.  Not that Charles cared.  It is just that he usually based his inferences on the normative.  He is usually never wrong.  He has never seen so many outliers in his life.

Alex, despite his destructive power is an Omega.  Hank with his shy demeanor, despite his transformation, is an Alpha.  They have shown they are a great match over the past year both in their capacity in the school and on missions.  Even Sean the boy-child is an Alpha.  He himself was never the poster child for the norm.  Hell some of his students don’t fit the norm.  He has just never seen so many outliers in the same building.  But then again, they are already outliers just by being Mutants.

“Your mama?”

“Erik!  You dolt!” snarls Ra-Mystique.

“You want my help.”

“Yes!” cried Janos, throwing his arms up.

“So you’re just going to help them?” asks Alex.


He has nothing else to say.  Or rather he cannot say them.  It is not because his philosophy of sanctuary for mutants that he is willing.  Erik is his.  Erik belongs to him.

He remembers being confused and wondering if he was a pervert meeting Erik the first time.  But no, now he knows.  Erik is Omega.  Erik is his.

He can think of nothing but that Erik belongs to him.

Every Alpha has instincts to protect their own.  And he will save Erik, shelter and provide for him.  And if…if Erik allows him, he will mate with him.  Only if…and if not…he will let him go.  If only he could override that possessive instinct.

Crack.  He hears the sound of skin hitting skin.  Pain blossoms against his cheek belatedly.


“This is crazy!” shouts Alex.  “We can’t go charging off!  And you can’t!  Charles!  What about the children?  The school?  The public?  The government?  You can’t!”

And he’s right.  So, right.

But Erik…

He’s not in the Cerebro.

He is sitting at his coffee table at Westchester.

Shaw’s golem is sitting across from him.

It’s easier than it should be to slither through the golem into Shaw’s hired telepath’s mind.  It’s even easier to travel along the thread that ties Shaw, the telepath and Erik.  He blocks them, leaving only him and Erik.  Oh Erik…My darling…Shush.  I’m here.
He returns to the telepath and shoves.  The telepath’s presence weakens.  The poor weak fool.  He pulls their location from the telepath’s mind.  It falls away, leaving him in control.  He leaves him alive, pathetic and sniveling.  Let Shaw believe that he is still connected to the golem by his dog.


The teleporter rises to his command without complaint.

Erik.  His Omega is naked.   Covered in blood.  His Omega’s?  The people who had tortured him?  He doesn’t want to admit that it’s his Omega’s blood.  So much smaller than he has ever seen him.  Thin, long arms and legs curled around his emaciated body.  Broken, his mind whispers.  He is huddled in upon himself, protecting the bulge that is his prominent abdomen.  A baby, his nose supplies.  Not his.  His mind caves upon itself – anger chases fear chases betrayal chases sadness.  It’s all a circle.


The circle is broken.

Erik’s mind is open to him, filled with faint distrust, fearful hope and awe.


He is across the room before he has time to tell himself to slow down.

“Erik.  Erik.  Erik…”  He takes off his coat and wraps it around his Omega.

“Ch…arl…es…Ch…arles?”  Thin fingers – cold and stiff – dig into his shirt.  Nose buries into his neck.  He clings.  Sobs.  “Charles.”

“Yes it’s me Charles.”  He tightens his arms around his Omega.  “Sh.  You’re safe now with me.  I promise.”

“Well, well, well.  What have we here?”

It’s Shaw and his smug conceited drawl.  His body tightens.  He doesn’t turn around.  Fool!  Does he not know who he’s dealing with?  His anger morphs into sadistic amusement.  Poor fool.  He’ll play Charles’ game and lose.  It is telepathic Russian roulette.


The world falls away around him and reshapes itself into his study at Westchester.  He opens his eyes and sees red.  Shaw is smirking smugly and is sitting with his legs crossed at the ankles atop his desk.

He forgets to be amused.  “How dare you sit here in my chair like you own the place!”

This is his construction! Shaw should have no power here!  But then again the bastard had a telepath under his pay.  Perhaps he learned a few tricks.

No, Charles!  It’s not the time to be impressed.  Think about Erik.  Erik…and the burning red anger he had nearly forgotten returns.

“Hello Xavier.  I should thank you for taking such good care of my Erik during my absence,” says Shaw, lowering his legs demurely.

The gentle patronizing tone that Shaw’s voice takes on screeches through the blood pounding in his ears.  He slams his hands onto the table – his desk – between them.  And he snarls, “Is that what you think it was?”

It’s only an instant.  He’s outside again.

He feels nothing when he watches the blood ooze and dribble out of Shaw’s empty eyes, popped ears, snot unplugged nose and dry cracked mouth.

“You lose.”

He carries Erik’s broken body to the refitted Blackbird.  Alex is piloting the plane, so Hank can examine Erik.  He lays his beaten Omega on the hospital bed in the Med bay.

He growls when Hank moves closer.

“Charles you asked me to board this plane for my medical expertise, otherwise I’d be sitting there with Alex,” says Hank.  “Now, are you going to let me do my work?”

“He’s pregnant,” says Hank.

Erik flinches.  The plane stutters to a stop and begins to fall, and “God damn it!” shrieks Alex.

Erik whimpers and falls slack, when Charles pets his hair.  The plane’s drop in altitude stops and it continues forward.

Hank motions for Charles to come with him beyond the Med Bay.  Charles lingers, but when he removes his hand, Erik wails.   He flinches, but follows Hank beyond the door.  His Omega needs him, but he needs this too. They leave it open.

“What do you wish to do?” whispers Hank.


He doesn’t know what to say, only that Erik’s cries break his heart.

“Nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen… gefallen...” cries Erik.

Charles steps from wall to wall, tearing at his hair. He stops abruptly and turns to Erik.

“…Nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen Sie es aus... nehmen Sie es aus...gefallen...please Charles.”
Once upon a…less than a year ago he would have said: “Erik, it’s a life.  You can’t.”  Today?   “Hank,” pause, “listen to him.”

He can’t say no.  What does that say about him?

The young doctor – not officially qualified due to his mutant status – pinches the bridge of his nose.  “All or nothing, professor.  Magneto’s…fine, Erik’s survival rate is less than 0.05%.  Are you telling me you want to risk your Omega’s life?”

Charles snarls.

“But I bled when he…when he…” Erik chokes and Charles snarls.

“Like I said, they are your twins.  Do I need to repeat myself?”

Air leaves his lungs.  Erik falls back, and Charles collapses into the chair by the bed.

“Hank, you had better be sure,” he whisper-growls.

“Doctor” McCoy bristles.

“He wouldn’t tell you if he wasn’t!” snaps Alex.  Thank god the plane is set on autopilot.  He may be Omega, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone steamroll his Alpha.  He stomps away, “Jesus!  Neurotic fuckers.”

Charles lets it go.  They are at home.  It’s safe.  There’s no need to doubt the young doctor.  He wouldn’t lie.  But he was inexperienced enough to make mistakes.  Perhaps he should check the results himself.

“Suit yourself, professor,” growls Hank, “I can hear you in my head.   Relax.”

“We can go back to Westchester,” snaps Alex, “and take blood samples, hm?  Then we can figure out how his womb hasn’t ruptured and you can stop being such a neurotic dick.  How about this, Charles?”


Charles snarls when Hank and Alex strap his Omega – Erik – to the hospital bed in the mansion’s bowels.  Hank physically throws him out of the room.  The door slams behind him, leaving just a half-inch gap.  He hears every word.

“Magneto, Erik, please,” whispers Alex, “let me take the blood and we’ll make sure the readings are correct,” breath, “and that Charles is your baby daddy…okay?”

“If…If he isn’t…”

“We’ll abort the pregnancy,” says Alex.

“Alex!” shouts Hank.

Alex laughed bitterly.  I’ve had pregnancies aborted.  Don’t tell me that it isn’t moral.”

“This is diff-“

“No Hank.  It isn’t.  It’s rape.”

“Abortions are dangerous,” whispers Hank, staring at his Omega.

“I’m here, aren’t I?” snaps Alex.

Charles breathes.  If the children are not his, he will never have to deal with them.  And if they are, he will care for them and their mother.  He will never let them go.  Never again.

The door opens, and he enters the room.  He walks to his Omega’s side, taking hold of his hand.  He ignores Hank, when the doctor’s hand falls on his shoulder.

“The blood work should be done tomorrow,” said Hank, “you should rest.”

Charles shrugs his hand off, “Not now.”

“Charles…Alpha,” whispers Erik, eyes dilated.

Charles turns and bares his teeth at Hank, who backs away.  He turns back to his Omega.  He sniffs the air – pheromones dust the air weakly.  It isn’t a true heat, but a pregnant Omega’s body needing the protection of the Alpha to whom they are bonded.  He breathes it in, calming. Their bond survived Cuba and Shaw.  He crawls into bed with his Omega.

“My Erik,” he wraps his arms around his Omega, protectively.  “I’ll never let you go.”

His Omega snuggles into him, whimpering, when his injuries chafe.  Charles kisses him, until his eyelids flutter closed.


Charles is dreaming.  His dream shifts to his Omega.  His dream merges with waking when Erik wakes.  He is aware more than any other Alpha would be of their Omega.  He senses his Omega’s emotions.  He senses Erik’s eyes blinking open – too safe to be right – and hears him whine high in throat.  Charles skims the surface his Omega’s mind – they bleed into each other.  There’s an arm around him crushing him against the heated body of an Alpha, who smells so familiar he sniffs and sniffs some more.  Charles.  He burrows into the – his – Alpha’s chest, snuffling.  He’s safe.  He is safety.  They are the same.

They drift off again.

Hank wakes them close to noon.  Charles snarls, pulling his Omega – Erik – closer to him.

It is only when Alex enters the room, stepping between Charles and Hank that Charles relaxes, even if only an inch.

“Twins.  The pups are yours, Charles,” says Hank, neck tilted slightly in submission.  “My theory is that ihis mutation kept his womb from breaking despite…the abuse.”  He pauses, “Ma-Erik should know about this, but he needs his rest Charles.  I’ll leave it to your judgement when to tell him.”

Even through this, his Omega is still asleep.

Charles knows that he should allow his Omega to rest, but he cannot help himself.

“Erik, love, wake up,” whispers Charles, combing his fingers through the Omega’s hair.

Erik blinks up at his Alpha.  Charles’ lips curve up into the first genuine smile since the day he’d lost his Omega.

 “You are pregnant with our pups,” says Charles.

“Ours?  How?”

“Hank believes it to be a perk of your mutation.”

“Oh,” says Erik, looking up at Charles, “do you think I’m stupid for thinking that he impregnated me?”

“No.  Never stupid,” cries Charles, arms tightening around his Omega, “hurt and terrified, yes, but never ever stupid.  Know this, Erik, I will protect you with everything that I am.  I will never let you go.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Charles.  I-I don’t want you to,” whispers Erik.  “Don’t ever leave me.”

“Never,” growls Charles, pulling his Omega close to him.

If Erik ever decides to leave – which he will never – Charles will do anything to keep him.


Charles knows his pride is unfounded, but Erik never leaves his side, always plastered against him.  It is only because he fears more powerful things than the loss of his pride and his war.  He does not lose his freedom.  No, he chose this – to stay.  He tells Charles this.  And it is rings true even in his mind.  Charles watches him there where he would not have before.  Erik lets him.  It makes him feel protected and loved.

Finally, Charles thinks, Erik is his.  The cost – he can’t bring himself to care.  Either for himself or for Erik.  Erik is his now.  Nothing before their union matters.  Now – now, he has mate, children, family.  That came after Erik.  Of course he’s always had Raven, but – but it has never been enough.

“Charles,” Erik whines, elongating the first syllable of his name.

He turns towards his Omega.  Erik’s pouting lips break his train of thought.  He raises a brow.

“I called you five times already,” huffs his Omega.

Charles chuckles and Erik’s pout morphs into a scowl.

“How rude,” snorts Erik, tossing back his head in slighted anger.

Charles inches forward and wraps his arms around his Omega.  He presses his cheek to Erik’s rounded abdomen, ear listening for the heartbeats of their children.

“Forgive me, Erik,” murmurs Charles, “I was thinking of you.”

“Hmph,” sniffs Erik, “your intellectual pursuits must be better than the tangible to hold you for so long when I have been standing here waiting for you to look at me.”

“Erik, I’m sorry,” says Charles, blue eyes too large to be appreciated by any self-respecting Alpha, “forgive me please?”

Erik’s inclines his head imperceptible to any who did not know him as well as Charles.

“Thank you.  Thank you,” says Charles, leaping up and pressing wet kisses to Erik’s face.

Charles watches his Omega.  Erik’s lips curve slightly, pink blush dusting his cheeks.  His omega ducks his head.  He wraps his arms around him, pulling him close.

Charles knows that better than anyone that his puppyish antics and features fool everyone but his Omega.  Erik snuggles closer and Charles buries a smirk in his Omega’s auburn hair.  After all, Charles is Erik’s safety.  He would never be safe outside Charles’s embrace.  Because Charles could make it so.  And Erik is intelligent enough to know that.

There is also no reason for a bonded Omega to run from their bonded Alpha, especially when they are soul bonded, not just life

So no, Erik would never leave and would never want to.


Crowbar [Joker] - 07/04/13 - 44 words

Look-y here, a pretty li’l birdy flown so far from home.  Guess he’s wanted to be skinned, boned and cooked all nice and toasty for papa J.
Hold still birdy.  Can’t get the job done if ya keep squirmin’, bitin’ and clawin’ at me.

Do You Believe in Destiny? Chapter 9 A

They had to maintain their guise as human civilians, but walking sedately was difficult when they’d become prey within the last hour.  Each step was torture.  The urge to run increased as each minute passed.  But they kept walking steadily while conditioning their breathing and pulse to remain even.  They couldn’t risk their scent becoming apparent.
Yunho kept a hand on Hyungjoon’s arm, keeping the younger with him.  The younger vampire was about to bolt.  He wanted too, but his self control was stronger.  He had adjusted to his unlife easily, despite being a civilian.  He’d spent more time as a vampire than the younger.  It didn’t matter that Hyungjoon had basic Hunter training.  Not only was the younger a newborn, but he might as well have been grown in a greenhouse with the way he’d been treated by the other members of his group until the Park bastard became King.   The kid didn’t know what he was doing.  It was the first time he was separated from his mate.  At the same time, he was too overwhelmed by danger and his sharpened senses despite passing at least 72 hours since his delayed Change.
Stepping into the sun was a relief contrary to common belief.  They were safe for the moment, but they weren’t free yet.  They had to leave the area.
Yunho flagged a taxi.  Yunho climbed in and pulled Hyungjoon in after him.  He opened the window and directed the driver  toward one of the larger malls.  Jaejoong had emphasized Misdirection and public places when they talked about self-defense and evading the enemy.  And he was going to take his mate’s advice to the tee.
“H-hyung…w-why?” hissed Hyungjoon.
“Sh,” murmured Yunho, “it’s polite to buy a present for our host, ne?”
“R-right,” chirped Hyungjoon, glancing surreptitiously at the driver.  Could he be?  His heartbeat nearly spiked, as he suppressed a shiver.  He had to remain calm…or at least pretend to be happy.  He could do that couldn’t he?  He’d been trained to do that ever since he’d decided to become an entertainer.  Yeah, he could.  Desperation made it easier.  The driver stopped at their destination.
Hyungjoon breathed a sigh of relief, when they stepped out.
“Let’s go, baby-ah,” said Yunho, holding a hand for Hyungjoon to hold.
“Sure hyung!” chirped Hyungjoon.
They walked into the mall together.
The driver watched them, pulling his cap up.  Heh.  Those brats think they’re so smart.  He wasn’t called Iron Viper for nothing.  Let them think they’ve gotten away.  Stake the place out.
Hyungjoon shivered.  When they were out of earshot, he whispered, “Hyung…did you feel that?”
Yunho nodded.  “We should get what we came for.  We need to switch disguises, and we do need to buy a present for them.  We should probably go to a café or to eat…after we change disguises.  That way, our scent will be covered.”
“H-human f-food?” stuttered Hyungjoon.
Yunho nodded again.  “Don’t worry.  It’s edible, but it may not be workable long term.  It’s just that it’s difficult to digest for a creature who’s natural diet is liquid. Besides, we could get ramyun.  That’s easier to digest…”
“O-oh…” murmured Hyungjoon.  “Okay!”
“Joongie has a locker here at the storage centre…” said Yunho, “he gave me a key.  Let’s go.”
“W-wait!  Isn’t it over there?” Hyungjoon whispered.
“Misdirection.  Let’s look around,” said Yunho.  “We should stay together.”
“O-okay,” murmured Hyungjoon.  “Look!  That’s pretty.  We should buy it for them.”
“HeeHee would definitely like it,” snorted Yunho, “the others…probably not so much.”
“So let’s get food,” said Hyungjoon, pointing at a bakery.
“Okay,” said Yunho.  “Let’s go.”
They walked in.
“I want a strawberry vanilla shortcake.  Can we hyung?”  Hyungjoon tugged at Yunho’s sleeve.
“Yeah kid,” said Yunho, ruffling Hyungjoon’s hair.
“How cute!  Is he your little brother?” cried the clerk.
“Yeah,” said Yunho.   “He’s a sweetie, ne, Joonie?”
“Mhm,” chirped Hyungjoon, nodding.
 “So cute,” murmured the clerk.  “Here you go!  Here’s an extra slice, for the cutie!”
“Yay!” chirped Hyungjoon.  “Hyung, let’s go!”
Yunho handed her the money, as she gave him the receipt, she tapped his hand, and glanced out the window.  He glanced out and nodded.  There on a bench a little away from them was another of the Iron Lion Clan.  The clerk was a female Hunter, one of Jaejoong’s subordinates.
Good thing, Hyungjoon had chosen this particular bakery.
Yunho tapped his charge’s shoulder and softly said, “Let’s go.”  Pause.  “Thank you again Hanah-yang.”
“It’s no problem,” she smiled sweetly.  She watched after them, fingering her cell phone.  She glanced out the window.  The Iron Lion bastard was still out there.  She pulled it out and quickly snapped a photo and texted it to the Lee boys, along with an urgent message calling for help.  She didn’t want to worry her boss just yet: SOS ILC after JYH + BB!KHJ @ BAKERY.  S.ENT.  MEETUP
A blip told her that Lee Sungmin and Lee Donghae had both received her message.  Shouldn’t you have notified Jaejoong-hyung first?


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